Release Notes: 10/01/15

Enterprise (∞1510.01):

  • ​General ledger report had an issue where the discount adjustment amounts were doubling and throwing the report out of balance. This has been addressed.
  • Fixed a null error for suggested check date that would come up when trying to void a subpaycons check.
  • Addressed an issue that caused a juris to only be applied to one timecard when an employee had two timecards with a NY County tax.
  • Removed the two errors associated with forcing the service reps EINC to match the existing checks EINC.
  • Added a new proc called fx_report_InterviewQuestions. This will be for a new Interview Questionnaire report.
  • Created a new config to set the routing number value for the Global cash card export called GccRoutingNumber.
  • Added a new secrole and function permission for an upcoming feature that will allow a service rep to grant secroles out to other users that they don't have themselves.
  • Changed default on bank items for GL Mappings. Updated the net pay and the secondary direct deposit items to always default to the payroll summary (9991) account as we do not use the mapping table to pull the account for these items.  We pull the account from the bank that the check was processed under.
  • Found an issue where hold off monthly transactions wouldnt ever get processed. Also improved loading times when processing invoices.
  • Fixed the Template collection so that only templates for Order Candidates are selectable when trying to email out to candidates.


  • Added NM out of state business sales tax
    • This sales tax is not linked this to a zip code because it would qualify for all zip codes and would cause trouble. In order to use this code as you will have to, instead of setting up the sales tax on the worksite, create a department for the site that requires this tax and apply it by clicking the pencil next to the sales tax jurisdiction section of the customer details form. The sales tax jurisdiction is labeled "NM Out Of State Business 5.125%"
  • Fixed an error that would come up when printing checks for MI and KY Locals.


  • WebCenter paystubs have been updated to show more accurate eligible/available accrual balances.
  • The Timecard Create Days In Advance config was not operating correctly. Now when you specify something aside from 14, it will be that number instead of always 14.


  • Updated the unsupported browser message, layout style, and language when using an unsupported browser.

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