Release Notes: 05/25/2018



  • Created a new config called “RequireSSNOnWebUser”. When this config is turned on, an error will come up in Enterprise stating that an SSN is required when a Service Rep attempts to create a Web User Account on a record that doesn't have an SSN. The default for this config is off.
  • Added a new config called “UpdateOrderCanStatus”. This is a custom setup to be called in dailymaint to update candidate statuses based on the order statuses. For example, when an order status changes to filled, the candidate status can change from offered to removed.
  • Added the ability to CC email address for Invoices.  This will allow for users to add an email address that is not the main invoice recipient to the invoice emailing process.  This can be setup under the Billing setup for the customer.
  • Added the ability to create invite codes in the web user account area under Employee > Integrations. These invite codes are used for Employees logging into the TempWorks mobile app (also known as Buzz).
  • Added new permission to unmask Account Numbers.  Account numbers will now be masked when a user does not have this permission within the Employee’s Electronic pay and Adjustment setup.
  • Added Branch Name to the Avatar area of all primary entities. (Employee, Customer, Order, Assignment, & Contact) The Branch Name will be present in the lower right side of this area.
  • Added Object Property permissions support for the worker comp drop down under Customer > Invoice Setup > Credit and Payroll. This means users can now ask to have read/write permissions to this field (this has to be setup on the back end).


  • Made behind the scenes performance improvements when merging employees.
  • Previously, when printing a payroll run, if the checks failed to post, you would receive an error saying, "Checks did not post so the system cannot number these checks." The procedure has been modified so now the original error message is included when there is an error posting checks.
  • Modified Career Builder resume staging code for better error handling and logging.
  • When a user had the “Allow Invalid Void Checkdate” and “Allow Invalid Void Checkdate” function permissions and voided a check from a previous year and chose a checkdate for the current year, the void would be moved to the last day of the previous year. This no longer happens and the chosen checkdate is used.
  • Optimized Check Register Report to improve performance.
  • Added some additional improvements to the All Options > Custom Data area. These include:
  • Users can now indicate whether or not property allows multiple selections and these selections can be defined under the Data List Values drop down on a Custom Data record. Note that you will be unable to change this list once an entity has data for it (# Property Values). These options will be utilized at a later date.
  • Added an active filter to cycle between showing Active, Inactive, and All records
  • Users can now create and specify an optional category for each property. Note that you cannot delete a category once one is created. Categories will be utilized at a later date.


  • Previously, if an employee had a paycard on a non-money network system and a service rep attempted to reissue a live check as epay (with their paycard active at the time), it would fail and process as live. Now it will process as epay.
  • Corrected the ARBatchGL Report so that it doesn't pull accounts that were not paid in the BatchID that the report was ran for.
  • Added soft and hard stops when processing payroll to prevent checks from posting when Gross Wages are 0 but have a pretax adjustments are not 0. This causes discrepancy in tax reporting. The soft stop will alert users to the specific employees where this is occurring.
  • Previously, when correcting an invoice with timecard adjustment lines items, the corrected line item would still be marked to show on the invoice causing incorrect invoice totals.  Now, the original line will properly uncheck when a correction is made. Users will still be able to manually override what is shown on the invoice by checking/unchecking line items.


  • Updated various New Mexico Sales tax rates.
  • Fixed the paths in the headers of FL Mag Media XML export.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when running the New Jersey Mag Media file. Changed Compatible Juris label to 'NJAUTHID' from 'NJAUTH' due to Mag Media NJ files looking for NJAUTHID.
  • Removed an empty data line that was inserted at the end of the NJ Quarterly Mag Media file so that NJ would accept it.
  • Fixed a unique index error that could occur when calculating MI local taxes if the worksite juris and resident juris were setup with different allowances on an employee record.


  • Updated configurations and external services to use instead of
  • Updated the URLs in the wc_applications and jb_config tables to use for WebCenter, JobBoard and HrCenter.



  • Added a Default Louisiana L4E (Exempt Only) form. This form will prefill and postfill.


  • Created prefill and postfill procedures for the new Oklahoma W-4 form.



  • The CandidateToReview, CustomerUpdateCandidateStatus, and UpdateCandidateStatus notifications were not setup to allow customizations. The procedures have been modified so these notifications will use the custom template that is designated for the order's entity.



  • Updated the fx_report_OrderTypeList procedure to be Beyond-compatible.



  • Added procedures for the creation and management of web users via API V3.
  • Added stored procedures for the management of Product Instances.

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