Product and Technical Support Life Cycle Policy and Information

Product Support Life Cycle Policy 

 We strive to deliver the technology our clients need to succeed and grow. While we continue to improve and out-do ourselves with new products  and technology, we realize that at some point our older products may no longer be the best experience for our clients. Therefore, we have created this page to provide transparency around which products, features, integrations, and technology we are starting to phase out as we make room for better solutions. 

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Product Life Cycle

What is a product life cycle? Just like people, products, features, integrations, and technology all live through an undetermined amount of time. To track where each of our products are, we've set up milestones that allow you to understand where in life those products are. 

Product Milestones:
  1. Release Date: First date this product was available to the general public. Starting on this date, our products are fully supported and available to all clients, otherwise known as Mainstream Support. 
  2. End of Mainstream Support: After this date, a product begins the Extended Support phase where only critical updates will be made and most support from our teams will be billable. 
  3. End of Extended Support: After this date, a product begins the End Of Life transition. While this product can still be used at this point, no support will be available. The End Of Life transition period is there to help teams move to one of our other solutions. 
  4. End of Life Date: End of life date marks the date this product or feature is no longer available for use.

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This article includes:

  1. Products
  2. Features
  3. Integrations
  4. API

*Note* This article lists products, features, integrations and API Versions as of 8/16/2021. If no date is listed,  then the product/feature/integration/API is still within Mainstream Support. 


This section contains a full list of all our individual products. If no date is listed in any of the columns for a product, this product is still in Mainstream Support.

Life Cycle 
VersionEnd of Mainstream Support DateEnd of Extended Support DateEnd of Life Date
Mainstream SupportBeyond

Bridge - Logging in via


Enterprise Infinity - Logging in via


On-Site Time Clock App

TempWorks Job Board

WebCenter 6

Extended SupportEnterprise Infinity - Logging in via Enterprise.tempworks.com2/21/2022

End of LifeSQL 2016/20174/15/20238/15/20237/1/2024
WebCenter - Logging in via webcenter.tempworks.com1/1/2023
Legacy TempWorks Timeclocks
*End of Sale: 8/30/2023
12/12/2024 Domains1/1/202311/15/202311/15/2023
TW Mobile1/3/20201/3/2020 1/3/2020
Enterprise Infinity - Logging in via apps.tempworks.com8/14/20218/14/20218/14/2021
TWOutlook Plug-in (2013-2016)1/3/20207/26/202210/31/2022
Bridge - Logging in via bridge.tempworks.com2/21/20228/2/202210/31/2022


Below is a list of additional product features that have reached retirement or end of life dates separate from their product. 

Life Cycle 
FeatureEnd of Mainstream Support DateEnd of Extended Support DateEnd of Life Date
End of LifeXML Job Feeds2/21/20228/30/202212/31/2023
2 Factor Authentication7/9/20217/9/2021
Melissa Data2/21/20227/26/20227/26/2022
Enterprise Inbox Feature6/7/20217/26/2022
Finance Charge Feature in Enterprise2/21/20217/26/2022
TLS 1.0/1.12/21/20227/26/202210/31/2022


Below is a list of all our standard integrations and their related release, retirement and end of life dates as applicable. This list does not include any integrations created by 3rd parties using our open API or any integrations made through a custom development request.

*Note* For a list of all currently supported integrations, please see the Integration Partners page.

Reach out to TempWorks support if you are unsure if your integration is still supported.

Life Cycle
IntegrationEnd of Mainstream Support DateEnd of Extended Support DateEnd of Life Date
End of Life
AccuSource HR - Enterprise8/21/20238/21/202312/31/2023
First Advantage/LexisNexis1/1/202010/31/202210/31/2022
Career Builder1/3/20205/17/202110/31/2022
ADP Aline 4/29/20194/29/20194/29/2019
Assess on Cloud12/31/202012/31/202012/31/2020
Fyre Sidebar1/3/20201/3/20201/3/2020
Global Cash Card9/28/20209/28/20209/28/2020
Sole Paycard11/5/20217/26/2022
Money Network11/5/20217/26/2022


This section will walk through current API versions. If no date is listed in any of the columns, this API is still a supported version. 

Life Cycle
API VersionEnd of Mainstream Support DateEnd of Extended Support DateEnd of Life Date
Mainstream SupportAPI V3

Extended SupportAPI V24/7/2023

End of LifeAPI V11/3/20201/3/20201/3/2020
HRCenter Utilization of API V21/3/20205/17/202110/31/2022

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