ACA Overview

What is ACA?

ACA refers to the Affordable Care Act that requires the tracking of employee's hire status and insurance offerings to ensure all employers are offering their qualifying employees insurance benefits. TempWorks helps you keep track of the important information for Affordable Care Act requirements and allows you to easily audit employee records for accuracy. 

Administration & ACA

If you are a system admin, you will need to consider the following options for setting up ACA tracking and related information including insurance benefits. 

  1. Start by setting up your ACA tracking Method in the system. There are two options for ACA tracking in TempWorks:
  2. Decide which of your staff will need access to ACA related information and then check out ACA Admin: ACA Permissions & Security to set them up correctly
  3. Grab your insurance plan details and then set up your employee and employer paid insurance portions under adjustments. Check out ACA Admin: Setting Up ACA Adjustments in Administration for more information. 
  4. If you plan on passing some ACA charges to your customers, check out ACA Admin: Setting Up ACA Surcharges for Customers

ACA Functionality

Once your admin has your system set up and ready for ACA information, have your team check out the following options to review ACA related functionality in the system: 

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