Release Notes: 11/4/2016

What’s New Version ∞2016.11.04:

  • Added a new Attendance module. This module can be used to document assignment details on orders, such as setting daily assignment status’ and logging messages. This option is available through the details page on a customer or order. It can also be accessed in All Options > Attendance. Quick messages and status color codes must be set up in All Options > Administration > Attendance.
  • When posting a payroll run, a new error has been added to prevent posting a payroll run that has timecards with no associated staged check.
  • A new column was added in table fx_fileimportprocedureroot and linked to table fx_fileimporttyperoot. This will be utilized in enterprise year end forms to differentiate between different types of imports.
  • Added an export details button to the search results on the HRCenter search screen, this will export to Excel.
  • The Facebook Integration has been removed. 


  • ADP Payroll Export will now export the employee’s original hire date properly.
  • Post steps 5 and 6 in InvoiceRunRoot will now be completed when posting invoices.
  • Hierarchy no longer needs to be refreshed when updating primary email accounts in Enterprise.
  • Users could not scroll through rate sheets on a new ticket in Dispatcher, now they can.
  • Previously, the download avatar option prompted save and open dialogs. Now, only the save dialog will be prompted.
  • Sending SMS emails to contacts is now functional.
  • Previously, navigating away from a successful user creation of Web User account produces popup regarding saving changes. Now it does not.
  • More prerelease schema for API V3 has been added.
  • Mass updating rates from an order could potentially generate an error, this has been corrected.
  • In the order, mass updating two assignments for the same employee no longer results in a foreign key exception.
  • Refreshing timecard from assignment now sets the shift correctly.
  • Shifts will now populate in the assignments section of the order visifile. 
  • When attempting to run two transactions for an employee under different vendors an error occurs. That error message will now clarify the affected employee(s).
  • An error message has been updated for clarification when attempting to process authority checks with no checks found to process. The error now states, “Error:  No checks found to process; Verify that amount totals are greater than zero.”
  • Now when assigning HrCenter workflows to UK employees in Enterprise, the Language will default to English – Britain instead of English. Not changing this would cause errors for the employee when they attempted to complete the workflow in a language option that doesn’t match their country.
  • Previously, when assigning HrCenter workflows in Enterprise, UK employees would be given a English US link instead of an English UK one. Now UK employees will get a UK link.
  • Increased the AddressBox Char limit to 350 to prevent truncation errors when processing payroll.
  • Previously, if you have a customer record with characters that are invalid for XML (such as hex 0x03), the customer data list that populates on the message dialog will have an xml exception and not populate the link automatically. Now an error will generate in these situations.


  • Both Medina OH city jurises calculate at 1.25%.
  • Fostoria OH will now be collected by RITA.
  • San Francisco Payroll Expense Tax will no longer be tracked if config SFPayrollExciseTax is turned off. Previously it would be tracked but not collected.
  • San Francisco Payroll Expense Tax rate has been updated to .829%.


  • When creating orders in WebCenter, the default webstatus will now be used.


  • The Default Federal 8850 date prefill has been updated to mm/dd/yyyy.

Job Board:

  • Corrected a time zone issue that could cause job postings to show the prior day.

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