Release Notes: 11/19/15

Enterprise (∞1511.19):

  • Clicking the remove unused timesheets button will now display the number of timesheets that were removed.
  • An error will no longer occur when emailing invoices in a situation where an invoice email template would exist outside of a user's hierarchy.
  • We know can capture a client's RDP session information inside of Enterprise. To see this, navigate to the "E" icon in the upper left, select Server, Remote Desktop section.
  • The Management report will now display the correct value in the Avg Per-Hour Bill column instead of always $0.
  • Changed weekroot to Week in the fx_DashboardWidget_LineGraph_BranchSales procedure to look at hierarchy. This should prevent the widget from displaying 0.
  • Non-zero WCCost on a transaction would happen if the transaction was marked as non-payable. This will no longer occur.
  • Previously, a user could remove the poid from a detailed timecard but it would still populate on the invoice. Now this won't happen.
  • Updated CtxnsAppendA1_UniversalUpdates procedure to correctly fetch the monthlybill bit from customer.  Also should be better performance.
  • Performance improvements to Dispatcher.
  • Authority Check Items will now accurately become undone when using the Undo Check Correction function.
  • Timecard Linking Hours Breakdown report will now be ordered alphabetically by Employee name.
  • Safe Harbor Rate of Pay is now under the custom data field on the employee file.


  • Started prepwork for 1095/1095 printing. (Created tables and populated defaults)


  • Fixed some occupational taxes in Louisville Metro KY. (ex. Employee lives in Shepherdsville and works in Jeffersontown, so they pay Jeffersontown Occupational tax and Louisville Occupational tax but no school tax.)


  • Changed a raise error message in the wc_UpdateWashedStatus proc so that it made a bit more sense for our users. The error now reads 'Role Change: The role is missing from the wc_roles table'
  • Added new indexes to the wc_userconfig and wc_userconfigpropertytype tables. This should improve performance.
  • Fixed an arithmetic overflow error that would occur when viewing invoices.
  • Fixed a timeout error that would occur when navigating to the Vendor Employee Details screen.
  • Add index to improve performance of Approved Web Timecards
  • An error will no longer occur when a user enters dashes with their SSN when manually entering employees.


  • Changed the wording and capitalization of some Spanish words when using the Spanish culture. (ex. "assigned vs asignado", "hace 1 hora" vs "Hace 1 Minutos", etc.)
  • Removed an error that would occur when a user didn't pick any skills on the Default skills step.
  • Added a feature in HRCenter Admin to upload a document to blob storage and retrieve the URL. Navigating to that URL it generated will show you the document that you had uploaded.
  • Default Arkansas W4 prefill and postfill form procedures have been added

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