How to Mark Up Forms

If you have a more complex form that you have asked our implementation or support teams to assist you with, you will need to send us a regular and a marked up copy of your form. The marked up copy will assist the team so they know what you need the form to look like. 

*Note* Contact your TempWorks Project or Account Manager if you are interested in having our team build your forms. There may be additional pricing and considerations.

Feel free to also consider marking up your own forms this way to help plan out your form before you create it. 

Marking Up Forms Using Adobe Acrobat

This document shows you how to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to indicate Pre-fill, Post-fill, Required, and Signature fields. For a visual example, please reference the “Direct Deposit (Clean)” and “Direct Deposit (Mark Up)” PDFs attached to your HRCenter email.

In Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can highlight text and choose a color, or use Draw Tools to make a rectangle. These items are accessible under the Comments toolbar. See screenshots below.

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