Paying Your TempWorks Invoices Online

In a continual effort to better service our customers, TempWorks is now offering online invoice payment capability. You will now be able to utilize this new service to remit payment for the invoices you receive from TempWorks for software and services.

You may utilize the following link to remit payment online: 

Prior to your first online payment, you will need to complete the steps outlined below in the "Initial Enrollment Instructions" section. After you have completed the initial enrollment, you may access the online payment link directly on an ongoing basis.

This article covers: 

  1. Initial Enrollment Instructions
  2. Logging into E-Bill Express
  3. Resetting your Password
  4. Locked Out?
  5. Automatic Payment did not Initiate

Initial Enrollment Instructions
  1. Access E-Bill Express by clicking on the following link 
  2. Click ‘Enroll’. 
  3. Enter information in required fields. Click ‘Validate’
  4. Enter Phone, Email Address and Address if required and click ‘Continue to Login & Password’. 
  5. Choose Login ID, Password, select security image and label, select security questions and fill in answers. Click ‘Continue to Terms of Service’
  6. Check Terms of Service box and click ‘Continue to Payment Accounts’. 
  7. Select Default Payment Method tab and enter Payment Account information, check the I Agree box, if applicable. Click ‘Finish Enrollment’
  8. Go to your email account and open the email just sent to you. Click on the ‘Activate’ button or hyperlink. NOTE: Your access is not activated until you click on the ‘Activate’ button and you will not be able to make payments. 

Logging into E-Bill Express
  1. After you activate, you may log in to pay your invoice(s). 
  2. Enter your Login ID and Password in the designated fields. Click’ Login’. 
  3. On the Home page, click ‘Pay My Bills’ hyperlink on the top of the screen to pay certain bills. 
  4. Click the check box in the beginning of each row to select the invoice you want to pay, enter or change the Payment Amount, if applicable, select the Payment Method on the right hand side of the screen, select the payment date. Click ‘Continue to Payment’. 
  5. Confirm payment information and, if applicable, check the box “By Checking this box…” agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Click ‘Make Payment’
  6. The confirmation page will display. Click ‘Return to Pay My Bills’ or ‘Log Out’ 
  7. Note: To pay all open bills at once, click ‘Continue to Payment’ on the ‘Home’ page 

Resetting Your Password
  1. On the Welcome page, click ‘Password Help?’ 
  2. Enter your Login ID and email address used during enrollment and click ‘Send My Password’
  3. An email will be sent to you with a temporary password. 
  4. Enter your Login ID and copy and paste the temporary password from your email into the Password field on the Welcome page and click ‘Login’
  5. On the next page, paste the same temporary password into the ‘Old Password’ field and enter a new password in the ‘New Password’ fields. 
  6. Answer the security questions and click ‘Submit’ 

Locked Out?
  1. The password is case sensitive. If you enter your password incorrectly three times, the system will lock you out.
  2. If you are locked out of your account, email to request your account be unlocked. You may click on the ‘Contact Us’ on the bottom of the Welcome page as a reminder of the email address to utilize to unlock your account. You do not need to change your password unless you cannot remember it.  

Automatic Payment did not Initiate

A recurring payment will delete permanently if one of the following applies:

  1. Automatic Payment expired per initial setup
  2. User un-enrolled
  3. TempWorks placed a ‘Stop’ on the account
  4. TempWorks deleted the Automatic Payment

Pay close attention to the very first Automatic Payment as it may not initiate until the following billing cycle depending on when invoice was loaded. You may have to pay the first one manually.

We are pleased to offer our valued customers the convenience of this service. If you experience any difficulties please email and a representative will assist you.

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