Release Notes: 03/11/2022

Welcome to March! Daylight Savings Time is about to begin, the sun is staying out a little longer, and we have plenty of W4 updates!

This release brings label updates in WebCenter for Vendor Orders, W4 version updates, and more fixes across TempWorks products.

*Note* For all Self-Hosted clients, additional functionality around HRCenter Email Templates is scheduled to release on 4/8/2022.  

In order to utilize this functionality, you will need to ensure your API includes today’s release (i.e., the version is at least 3.2022.310).

If your API is not updated by the time this functionality releases, you will still be able to continue utilizing HRCenter Email Templates but you will be unable to add the additional customization options that are releasing.

Additional Updates

In Beyond

  • Fixed a service error that would be received when submitting an E-Verify case.
  • Fixed an error that would appear when navigating to an employees Visifile.

In WebCenter

  • For Vendor Orders, the following has been done:
    • "Pay Rate" label has been updated to state "Vendor Pay Rate" as this is the rate that the Vendor is receiving.
    • Added a new label within the Vendor Order details that states "Employee Pay Rate" which shows the rate the employee is being paid. This label is populated with what has been entered within the "Other Agency Pay" field within Enterprise > Assignment > Financial Details.

  • Two configurations have also been added for the above labels:
    • WebCenter > Config > Employee > “Label for Employee Pay Rate” (Defaults to “Employee Pay Rate”)
    • WebCenter > Config > Vendor > “Label for Vendor Pay Rate” (Defaults to “Vendor Pay Rate”)

Year End Updates:

  • Completed version updates for the Federal 9061 Form.
  • Completed version updates for the following W4's:
    • Alabama
    • Connecticut
    • District of Columbia (DC)
    • Hawaii
    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • Kansas
    • Louisiana
    • Massachusetts
    • Missouri
    • Mississippi
    • North Carolina
    • New Jersey
    • Puerto Rico
    • Rhode Island
    • West Virginia

Self-Hosted Notes :

1.) API database server changes require a manual SQL migration script (20220311_self-hosted_sql_migrations.ps1 from the TempWorks GitHub repository ) to be applied using appropriate paths:

> powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File .\20220311_self-hosted_sql_migrations.ps1 C:\ProgramData\TempWorks\config\login-server

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