Release Notes: 01/06/2017

What’s New Version ∞2017.1.6:

  • Added an approval check box to the 1094-C/1095-C worksheet. This is for users to mark that their survey answers and data have been reviewed and to acknowledge that TempWorks will begin performing the 1094-C and 1095-C services on January 17th, 2017.
  • 1094 BenAdmin imports now allow null end dates.


  • In the 1094-C/1095-C worksheet, initializing employees previously caused a warning message regarding deleting coverage data even if BedAdmin files had not been imported. This message now only appears after importing BenAdmin files and employee coverage data exists.
  • Updated the 1094-C/1095-C worksheet drop down to display the current year and the two previous years.
  • In dispatcher, an error message relating to overlapping check numbers has been updated for clarification. The error now reads ‘The check range will result in duplicate check number. Please select a valid check start number.'
  • Fixed a bug that could result in an error when attempting to navigating to worker comp claim through employee profile.

Job Board:

  • JobBoards will no longer pull in orders outside of the ApplicationHierId.

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