Commission Module Overview

*Note* TempWorks is no longer offering new installations of the Enterprise Commission Module.

What is the Commission Module?

The commission module is designed to help users calculate commission accurately and efficiently, while allowing more flexibility on formulas utilized to produce commission results per company. Along with customized commission calculation plans, the commission module makes reporting and tracking easy. 

*Note* The commission module, like most Enterprise modules, may require additional licensing and setup in your system. Please contact your Account Manager or TempWorks representative for more information. 

The commission module requires the security role 'Commission Module' or related role that will grant the user access to viewing the Commission Module information. 

Commission Module Setup

We've broken the commission module down into 4 easy steps:

  1. Setting Up Burden Rates
  2. Creating Commission Plans
  3. Allocating Assignments
  4. Calculating Commission & Pulling Reports

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