Daily Maintenance

What is Daily Maintenance? 

Daily maintenance is a series of stored procedures that are automatically executed every day during non-peak hours (Usually around 2 am). This gives your system the chance to refresh and update information based on different sets of criteria. 

*Note* Daily maintenance steps can vary from database to database. Depending on options you may have requested or added to your system, there may be additional related daily maintenance steps that run. 

Default Daily Maintenance Updates

The following breaks down the kinds of updates made during a daily maintenance run by default. Remember that you may have additional updates made depending on your database.  

Employee Related Updates

  • Create a list of employees whose active flag has become incorrect due to assignment having begun or ended.
  • Update employee totals used for calculating accruals (PTO/Vacation/Sick time)
  • Establish anniversary dates
  • Updates ACA employee metadata and statistics

Customer Related Updates

  • Updates customer sales info based on transactions

Payroll Updates

  • Updates the pre-note approved dates on employee electronic pay for databases with prenotes turned on 
  • Deactivates electronic pay after 120 days or what is specified in your database
  • Update PO amount used
  • Updates checks with branch names that were changed that day
  • Updates GL mappings with up to date descriptions of the various transaction types.

A/R Related Updates

  • Updates contact addresses based upon customer record
  • Cleans up A/R

Order & Assignment Updates

  • Auto-close and auto-expire orders


  • Processes scheduled events within the task administration system
  • Updates and sorts data to keep your database and your searches running fast

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