Release Notes: 05/20/16

Whats New Version ∞2016.5.20:

  • Timeclock quick pin generation for UK employees will now use date of birth instead of the NIN. The format will be first name first initial, last name last initial, DOB: ddMMyy format. If no DOB is entered, no quick pin will be generated.
  • Added and rearranged some fields on the worker comp claims area.
    • Add Carrier Drop Down menu between Claim Status and Claim #.

o   Under Claim Types, make this a table driven check box table so this area can be generated from a list.

o   Switched the Foreman Text box with the Osha Drop Down.

o   Replaced Claim Type with Follow Up Date.

  • Added Branch and ServiceRep dropdowns on the “Interview Action item” in the employee actions menu.


  • Certain statuses on the Recent Order status widget would previously not do anything when clicked. Now when you click on a status, it will bring up the order register report or the enhanced search.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Enterprise to crash when attaching timecard images and putting a number larger than the amount of pages the timecard image has.
  • Email addresses with 7 digits would previously just show the 7 digits of the email as a phone number. Now the email will display correctly.
  • Previously, multiple candidates on an order could not have their Status updated at one time while the candidate list is being Sorted or Filtered by Status without an error coming up. Now the error won’t appear and the candidate statuses will update successfully.
  • Unlocking a submitted step from the HrCenter search will now unlock correctly and give no error when expanding the review items.


  • The SSN regular expression was previously not changing between US and UK. Now it will.
  • Previously, if somebody logged in as a user in the US locale, then logged out, and logged into a UK locale, the SSN validation would fail. Now it won’t.

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