Gmail Email Setup

Integrating a Gmail Account

To setup a Gmail account in Enterprise, click on the 'E' menu in the upper left hand side of Enterprise and visit the 'Options' menu.  Once here select the 'Email' selection from the available options on the left, and then select the '+' icon to add an accountThis will open a new wizard prompting the selection of an account type. Select the 'Gmail' option and enter the desired email address you wish to integrate and click the 'Save' icon.From here you will need to enter your password linked to your account and select 'Save'. Below is a working example for a Gmail account.A new window will appear, enter a recipient email to receive the test email that Enterprise will attempt to send out, select 'Send' If your settings are correctly configured you will be greeted with the below window:If you receive this error message,  Gmail may be attempting to block the integration from accessing your account.To circumvent this, log into your google account and go to the 'My Account' google app. Alternatively the link can be found here:From this page select "Sign-in & security"

Here is a detailed view of your account's security options, at the very bottom is an option titled 'Allow less secure apps' in order to integrate your gmail account this must be set to 'ON.' This will give Enterprise permission to access your account.

Once this is set a test email will be able to sent from the integrated account.

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