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Map Type List

Below is a list of different items/map types that we use to map your GL accounts to for your review. 

*Note* For Wages and Sales, you cannot use all 4 map types, you must choose one as the primary and then you can choose another to be the secondary if needed.  By default, the system will use the pay code to map Wages and Sales.  Contact our support department if you would like to have your Wages or Sales map type changed to one of the other 3 map type options.

GL TypeMap TypeTempWorks Item Linked ToNotes
WagesGross Pay - Pay CodePay code on the timecardThis is the default type used for wages out of the box
WagesGross Pay - Job TitleJob Title of the Assignment
WagesGross Pay - Order TypeOrder Type on the Order Record(ex. Direct Hire, Temp, Temp to Full Time) 
WagesGross Pay - Method TypeReg Hours, OT Hours, DT HoursIf you wanted to have your sales from Overtime Hours (OT) go to one account adn your sales from Double Time (DT) hours go to another, then you would use this option
SalesSales - Pay CodePay code on Timecard
SalesSales - Job TitleJob title on Assignment Record
SalesSales - Order TypeOrder Type on Order Record
SalesSales - Method TypeReg Hours, OT Hours, DT Hours, salary, & Unit Pay method types from timecardIf you wanted to have your OT wages go to one account and your DT wages go to another, you would use this map type. 
Contractor CostsContractor Cost - Pay codePay code on the time card
Contractor SalesContractor Sales - Pay codePay code on the time card
Employee Deductions/AdjustmentsEmployee Perm Ded/AdjAdjustment TypeReoccurring adjustments setup on employee record
Employee Deductions/AdjustmentsEmployee Timecard AdjAdjustment TypeOne-time pay adjustments that are entered in on the timecard. Ex. mileage or Per Diem reimbursements
Sales DeductionsBillable Sales AdjAdjustment TypeOne-time sales/billable adjustments that are entered on the timecard. Ex. mileage or Per Diem reimbursements
Sales TaxSales TaxSales Tax Code
Employee Payroll TaxesPayroll TaxesTax Code/Jurisdiction CodeEach employee and each employer paid tax codes are mapped here
Worker CompWorker CompWorker Comp Code
Check NetBank AccountBank Account This maps each bank account record that you setup in TempWorks to the GL account you have setup for it.  The bank record you select when running a payroll run, is the bank we associate with the net of each check 
AR/InvoicesAR InvoicesInvoice Run Type
Invoice Discounts/AdjustmentsInvoice Adj TypeInvoice Adj TypeThese are any adjustments that you setup on the customer to come out on a reoccurring basis, such as ACA Surcharges, Discounts, etc.
Cash Receipts/Invoice PaymentsAR Invoice Payments AR  Payment Action CodeThe action code of "Payment" is automatically mapped to the bank account that was selected on the payment batch.

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