Release Notes: 03/18/16

Enterprise (∞2016.3.18):

  • Resume parser was previously locking tables on the backend up. Altered the ResumeParserPostToEmployee procedure to prevent this from happening.
  • Transferring an employee to another entity will now properly transfer EEO information.
  • Added configtypes that were missing in some databases. (TwitterPassword & TwitterUsername)
  • Added a config called CustomPreCalculationProcedure. This adds the ability to use a custom sPayrollrun procedure.
  • The Pay Frequency override on the timecard details page was previously not honoring what your override was set to. Now it will.
  • Added Broadbean to the HowHeardOfRoot table. This means you now can use this as a how heard of option on Contacts and Customers.
  • Optimized the Tax Deposit report.
  • Optimized the Federal Tax Deposit report.
  • Added logic to the YearEnd_ACA_GenerateFormData procedure to make self-funded employees get a 1095 if they were covered at any point, regardless if they went full time.
  • Behind the scenes work has been added for the commission module.
  • Corrected a Kentucky local tax so that the tax state states KY instead of OH.
  • Previously, Enterprise will override the pay frequency for an employee during payroll if they meet certain conditions. ex, one of these conditions is having two timecards with two different weekend dates. The pay frequency would be overridden to 26 (bi-weekly). Because this is not universally correct, and because a change in pay frequency causes a change in tax calculations, I've created a payroll error which will be thrown when the system automatically adjusts the pay frequency. The error advises the user that taxes may be affected and directs them to use pay period overrides on the timecards.
  • You now can separate Invoices by paycode
  • Fixed the spelling of the tax district Erie.
  • Enterprise would previously not require you to add a message in the message body when adding a message when creating a task. Now you will be unable to add a message to a task unless you have something in the body of the message.
  • Extended the decimal places by two under the sales tax percentage on the customer details area.

Applicant Center:

  • Optimized the Force to a current step function so that it loads and runs much faster.


  • Added default Maine W4 prefill and postfill procedures. (fx_hrc_Employee_Prefill_MaineW4, fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_Maine_W4)
  • HrCenter Admin users time until they are logged out due to inactivity has been increased to 10 hours.


  • Altered the sPayrollSetupTaxJurisdictions procedure to not error when processing more than one UK timecard at a time.

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