Core - Proofing

What is Proofing?

Proofing occurs after time entry in the pay/bill process. Once you have entered time for some employees, you can create a proofing session to review the time entered and run system checks to ensure things like I-9s and employee pay setup are complete before payroll is run.

*Note* Time can still be edited or altered in time entry during or after a proofing session.

Locating Proofing:

From the pay/bill dashboard, select proofing to open the proofing options. At the top of the proofing options, you will see how many current proofing sessions are open and how many unused time sheets there are.

Completing a Proofing Session:
  1. Select 'Proof transactions' to begin a proofing session.
  2. Select the session you wish to proof. 
    • We recommend that unless someone has gone on vacation or is completely unable to proof their own session, you should only select your own sessions.
  3. Choose 'Next' in the bottom right.
  4. Review the hours entered.
    • You can use the icons in the upper right section to navigate back to different records or timecards to adjust, edit, or review information.
  5. Once everything looks correct, select 'Next.'
  6. Enterprise will now run its own error check. Review any errors generated. You can use the icons to move back to different records to correct an error message or check the 'approved' box to override the error message. 
  7. Once all errors are resolved or approved, select 'Next.'
  8. Select 'Yes, close the session' when you are ready to complete your proofing. 
    • Choose "No, leave the session open" to exit without completing proofing.
    • You can also select 'view transaction summary report' to open a report on the items proofed to compare numbers.
  9. Select 'Finish.'

Once a proofing session has been completed, the transactions will be available to pull into a payroll run.  

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