Release Notes: 05/18/2020

*Note* For all self-hosted clients, as always, ensure you install all updates to give your users the best experience and new features.

The Highlights

FirstAdvantage Background Checks 

We announced last release that background check integrations were available in Beyond. We've now partnered with FirstAdvantage to give you options while still making it easy for your recruiters to request and view background check statuses. 

Talk to your TempWorks Account Manager to get started! 

To learn more about our integration check out: 

Additional Updates

In Beyond

  • Fixed an issue where some users were getting error messages when creating adjustments under Employee > Pay Setup in Beyond
  • Fixed an issue with Zipwhip where texting status buckets were not automatically collapsing/expanding when users clicked on them. 
  • Fixed an issue where, when reviewing EEO information during a background check, the EEO fields such as birthdate would not display correctly. 
  • Fixed an issue where acronyms, key words, etc. were not capitalizing correctly during background check validation. 
  • Updated background check validation sidebar to display localized address information based on country. 

In Bridge

  • Fixed an issue where new users created in Bridge were not able to log in to Enterprise or Beyond.

In Enterprise

  • Fixed an issue when reviewing a completed HRCenter workflow, the pages in the workflow were not showing as complete

In HRCenter

  • Default Legacy and Mobile I-9 forms have been updated to allow for expired dates for documents from list A, B, or C due to COVID-19 related exceptions
  • Fixed an issue where List B Authority field was printing twice on Legacy I-9 forms
  • Indiana W-4 has been updated to allow for users to enter "Not Applicable" under the field "Indiana Count of Residence as of January 1:"
  • Missouri W-4 has been updated to the latest format
  • Added the Oregon, Delaware, and Idaho 2020 W-4s and included them in the Dynamic State W-4 form. 

Report Updates

  • The Unemployment Summary Report will now show the recalculated SUTA rate if the rate has been updated/recalculated. 
  • Message related reports (ex. Message Productivity Report) in Beyond have been optimized to decrease errors and show parameters clearly

Tax Updates

  • Tax rates have been updated for the following cities/counties in Pennsylvania:
    • Tyrone Township, Blair County: Added non-resident tax of 1%
    • Duquesne City, Allegheny County: Increased municipal resident tax from 1.15% to 1.3%. (Total resident tax is 1.8% - 1.3% municipal and .5% school district)
    • West Marlborough Township, Chester County: Increased resident tax from .5% to .75% & increased non-resident tax rate from .5% to .75%

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