Employee: Interacting with the Tempworks Time Clock

*Note* TempWorks Software is no longer selling physical TimeClocks.

While physical TimeClocks are still in the Extended Support product life cycle, it is recommended that clients utilizing physical TimeClocks begin to research and plan for future TimeClock solutions.

Please contact TempWorks Account Management to discuss new solutions including the On-Site TimeClock that utilizes our Buzz application.

Interacting with the Time Clock 

 When arriving on site report to your assigned time clock. The TimeClock is a simple  touch screen device and punching in and out  is easy.

  1. The name of the staffing company you represent will be listed here
  2. The name of the company you are assigned to will be listed here
  3. The time of your punch

*Note- If you use a proximity card or a magnetic card a message will display prompting the use of your respective card.

From here select 'Enter PIN', this will cause the following screen to appear. Here you can punch in the first three letters of your PIN.

*Note- The number of letters required may be different depending upon your company. For more information consult your staffing specialist. 

Upon entering the first three letters, the following screen will appear prompting the input of the four digits to complete your PIN.

*Note- The number of numbers required may be different depending on your company. For more information consult your staffing specialist. 

If you have only one assignment the punch will be recorded and a message confirming your punch summary will display, this will include the job title for the assignment you are on.

If you are assigned to more than one job or work another shift you will visually see these options displayed to choose from on the timeclock screen. 

From 'Choose another option' any available assignments will display, simply select the job you would like to sign into. Selecting the 'x' icon in the bottom right-hand corner will cancel the punch. You will have to punch in again if you choose this option.

To punch out of your assignment simply interact with your TimeClock following the same steps as when you clocked in.

  1. Select 'Enter Pin'
  2. Enter the letters of your pin
  3. Enter the numbers of your pin
  4. Confirm your assignment is correct, if multiple assignments are available select the correct assignment you wish to punch for.

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