Report Server

TempWorks is unable to make recommendations outside of what Microsoft recommends– the report server should be installed and configured per Microsoft best practices.

The report server is included in MS SQL Servers installation media. Included below are links to their documentation. There is nothing TempWorks requires in regards to the report server besides being able to access it via a URL from any TempWorks Enterprise client as well as your web servers running TempWorks products. Once it is operational, your TempWorks implementer will install the TempWorks reports on the server. In order to do this, your implementer will need to be able to access the report server URL from where they will be logging in to your network.

Guide to Install Report Server

Guide to Configure and Administer Report Server

Ensure the following steps are completed:

  1. Set up an AD user to be the service user of SSRS instead of using Reporting Services or Network Service as the service user
  2. Set the AD user up to have Kerberos delegation rights to the SQL server
  3. Determine what requirements are needed to register SPNs​
  4. Set up the computer AD account for the report server with Kerberos delegation rights to the SQL server

In most cases, depending on the size of your company and your volume, the reporting server will be on the same server that houses the SQL server. In certain cases, it may be beneficial to have the report server separate from the SQL server. 

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