Welcome to Beyond University!

Welcome to Beyond University!

The Beyond University Orientation Series is meant for all Beyond users to get started in our system. In these lessons, you will learn how to log in and navigate as well as other important basic functionality that all users can benefit from. 

Ways to Learn

There are 2 ways that you can learn all about Beyond. 

Option 1: University Courses

If you are a sales rep/account manager or recruiter that wants to learn all about Beyond, you can check out our full university courses. These courses are designed to walk you through the most important information you need for your job so you can get started. Each university course takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and contain videos, quizzes, and questions to ask your team. 

Check out Beyond University Full Courses to get started! 

Option 2: Open Learning Video

If you have something specific in mind you want to learn, or you are just one of those "chart your own path" learners, check out our long list of university videos. Each video will have a quiz at the bottom of the page to check your knowledge. 

University videos are separated into 2 categories:

  • Beyond Basics: Includes things such as how to log in, log a message, search, etc.
  • Creating Records in Beyond: Includes more specific videos on how to create specific types of records and manage them

The Quizzes

There will be pop quizzes after each video or course to help you check your understanding before you move on. 

Want to know what a quiz is like? Try out the following example quiz: 

Loading Example Quiz

Ready to Get Started?

If you feel ready, check out the first video: 

First Course: How to Log In & Navigate in Beyond

Description: If you have never logged into Beyond before, this is the best place to start. We will be reviewing how to log in, navigate and some basic best practices in Beyond.

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