Release Notes: 09/15/2017

Version ∞2017.9.15:



  • Added a new error that checks if checks in the run have advance bank adjustments that are paying the employee and asks the user to review them. This error would come up when calculating payroll and will state, “There is an advance bank adjustment paying this employee. Please ensure this is correct.”
  • When reactivating electronic pay information with the prenote process bypassed, the hidden prenote dates will be updated with today's date. This will prevent newly reactivated electronic pay setups from being deactivated due to old prenotes.
  • When submitting a new E-Verify case, list ‘B’ documents will not show the expiration date field unless it is required.
  • Modified Search fields when searching E-Verify cases under All Options > Integrations > E-Verify. The “Status Code” field has been replaced with “Status Details” and “Status Code” fields.
  • Modified Add Wages so Juris Gross cannot exceed available Juris Gross on the check.
  • If there is an error when attempting to add wages, attempted changes will be rolled back.


  • Previously, the Enterprise window wouldn't display the close button properly when users were logged into a branch that had a long name. Now the close button will display properly.



  • Added a new Workflow Preview option located next to the save button in HrCenter Admin > Workflows. This will allow HrCenter Admin users to edit and preview workflows conveniently within the HRCenter Admin area. When an admin user previews a workflow, a new tab will open directly to the selected workflow as if an applicant was just about to start it. Admin users will know that they are in preview mode because the left side of the window will display “Preview Mode”. Note that any data entered in this workflow will not be saved so there is no need to clear data before continuing or exiting the workflow preview.
  • Added a new function to the “How did you hear about us?” question in the Application Information form in HrCenter. When enabled, a text box will prompt applicants to expand their answer on how they heard about their employer. For example, let's assume a database had this enabled for employee referral. If an applicant answered employee referral, a text box will come up and ask the applicant to expand on their answer. Expanded answers can be marked as required too! Contact TempWorks support to have this enabled for you


  • Previously, if there were no fields in the Education page of an application workflow that require text, the page wouldn't save. Now the page will save in this scenario.



  • Removed the Notification Event “ApplicationSubmitJobCart” from Config > Notifications in WebCenter admin.


Rate Changes:

  • Non-resident tax rate of Manor Township Pennsylvania set to 1%.
  • Updated Walker, MI exemption amount from $750.00 to $600.00.
  • Updated Springfield, MI exemption amount from $1,500.00 to $750.00.


  • Bloomfield, NY no longer has a city tax linked for zip code 14469.

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