Release Notes: 01/13/2017

 What’s New Version ∞2017.1.13:

  • Replaced the auto combo box with a paged combo box for the Employees drop down option in the Contact Message dialog. (That’s the drop down search box that you see when linking a message to an employee via the “New Message” button.) This is the same paged combo box that was added back in September in the assignment quick add area.
  • In various places throughout the system, Cost Center was be labeled as Entity, EntityCC, Cost Code, etc. Now, these fields are all labeled as Cost Center.


  • Updated code responsible for delaying the "unassigning" of employees until after the assignment end date is reached.
  • Modified EmployerAddress field on the W4 prefill to prevent duplicating the company name. 
  • When attempting to change the W2 flag or companyident on an assignment that has transactions, you will receive an error. This error message has been updated to: "The company ID and W2 fields cannot be change one a processed assignment record."
  • Optimized the procedure responsible for pulling timecards into a payroll run to decrease load times. 
  • Modified the employee change log to clarify new values vs. old values.
  • Anniversary and Annual max balances will be limited on eligible balance instead of available balance.
  • When exporting merged invoices, selecting ‘attach timecards’ will now include timecards from both the parent and child invoices.
  • Modified dates in the procedure YearEnd_1094_InitializeEmployee to avoid a previous year worksheet initialization error.
  • Now, only W2 employees will generate an ACA proofing error notifying users of missing ACA hire dates. Subcontractors are not subject to ACA and will no longer generate proofing error.
  • Implemented the EO Web Browser for Broadbean, functionality is unchanged.
  • When emailing check stubs, Enterprise will create an error dialog window alerting you to failed emails. If this error list becomes too large, the continue button would no longer be accessible. A new error message format was added so the continue button will always be accessible.
  • When searching in Enterprise > HrCenter and the only search criteria is “tenant”, no results would display. Now, results will display.
  • Fixed a duplicate check number validation on the payroll summary window that would previously not come up if a user manually entered in a bad check number and then attempted to process payroll.
  • The header area in the 1094 worksheet area used to always say, “No Open 1094-c 1095-C Records.” whether you had a record open or not. Now it will display Year ID, EmployerID, and EINC based on the worksheet that’s been opened.


  • Updated the State table with the States that have their own W4; this will be used in the future for HRCenter postfills. 

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