Release Notes: 12/09/2016

What’s New Version ∞2016.12.9:

  • Added the ability to delete unemployment claim charges. This is located under Employee > Details > Unemployment.
  • Created some new reports:
    • California EITC Notification: Federal Earned Income Tax Credit Notification which is required to send to all California Employees. This is accessible via both the Reports section (prints on W2 stock 8.5”x14”) and the Employee reports (prints on letter stock 8.5”x11”).
    • 1095 Verification: This will be available in both Reports section and 1094/1095 survey form.
    • Employee Application HrCenter: This will be accessible via Employee reports area. There is already an existing Employee Application Report there, but that report is primarily for DocCenter clients and doesn’t display all the relevant info for clients using HrCenter.


  • In the 1094C/1095C survey, the safe harbor rule “Fixed Value” now allows four decimal places.
  • Previously, in the Timecard Import Worksheet screen, the steps had a message that state that the previous step must be completed even after it has been completed. This no longer occurs.
  • In Administration > Branch, some validation errors would show up on the incorrect line. (For example, if a user entered in an invalid branch name, the red validation error would show up on a different item like Web Public)Now they show on the correct line that is erroring.
  • Added licensing for the 1094/1095 form.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause Broadbean accounts to duplicate if two users were adding accounts at the exact same time.
  • Added a new validation item called CanOverrideCheckDateWithoutFunds. This was added so that the function SecRole for “Can Override Date On Check Reversal” works more consistently.
    • If the checks do not have funds - but they have the proper SecRole they will still be able to choose a date and create negative wages. They will see the following warning but still be able to save.
      "A check in the payroll run will create a negative balance on amount tax or amount taxable."
    • If the checks do not have funds and they do not have the proper SecRole they will be unable to choose a date and see this error.
      "The reversal cannot be completed due to generating negative wages. Please contact your Bridge Admin."
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent reissuing a check as a paycard check if the employee had valid paycard info but invalid direct deposit info.
  • Added suffix column to the EmployeeView from employee table. Suffix can now be added to enhanced search on the back end.
  • Fixed searching on zip code and distance in the enhanced search sections for orders.
  • Modified procedure sAssignmentGetPerformanceCodeIdOnEndDateChanged because the Performance code was not always flipping correctly when the EndDate was changed on an assignment with a default open status.
  • Removed reference to Active Status and Order Type in CtxnsAppendAssignment. This was interfering with the user’s ability to create timecards for older closed assignments.


  • Removed the hyperlink that brings you to on the bottom of the HrCenter pages. (Not HrCenter Admin pages however)
  • Added the ability to allow a workflow to be applicable to multiple branches instead of just one or all branches. This is comma delimited and can be changed in the HrCenter Admin area under Workflows.


  • All WebCenter labels called "Cost Code" have been updated to "Cost Center".

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