Release Notes: 01/07/16

Enterprise (∞1601.07):

  • Previously, if you entered search criteria in the HrCenter search and opened up an employee from those search results, your search criteria would disappear and you would have to reenter what you had again. Your search criteria should stay now whether you click on an employee or click on the back button in Enterprise.
  • Added the ability to select a multiplier codes in Dispatcher.
  • You can now separate invoices by Shift. This in the customer billing setup.
  • In the add new contact dialog, clicking the “Copy the address from customer” button previously would only copy the address. Now it will copy the address as well as the Phone & fax numbers on the customer record.
  • Recreating an ACH file would previously name the file differently than the first time it was created. Now the file names will match.
  • The Oregon Mag media file will now display more accurate SUTA wages.
  • Updated schema for the 1095 exports
  • Fixed a void/reverse issue that caused checks from the year 2015 to get a check date of 12/31/2015 regardless if you set the date to something else or not.
  • Added an alternative SSN Mask config for paycheck stub reprinting because this can be emailed out with payroll runs. Configtype is called “EmailReportSSNMask”. Contact TempWorks support if you would the SSNs on your paystubs masked or not.
  • When right clicking in certain areas of Enterprise, you can bring up a dialog that allows you to navigate to the customer, order, employee, etc. Doing so in certain areas of Enterprise would make the option look blank instead of it indicating View Employee, View Order, etc. This has been fixed.


  • Added new field to the response that we are getting from Essential Staffcare. When a user is done filling out the Essential Staffcare in HRCenter, the message in Enterprise will display “Mec: na” if nothing for that category in the form was filled out.


  • Previously, when a vendor added a new employee and the SSN was already in the system, it would give a non-user friendly message. Now it will give a better message to the user if the SSN is already in the system.


  • When viewing the WebCenter log from time entry, the date is in UK format but the time was showing as US. Now the time will show correctly in UK.

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