Release Notes: 04/15/16

What’s New: Version ∞2016.4.15

  • A new option when paying invoices called “Zero Dollar Invoice Only” has been added. Some notes on this addition:
    • You will not see Zero Dollar Invoices if you do not have this option checked
    • Zero dollar invoices will show up based on the other options you filter on. Meaning checking “Unpaid” and “Zero Dollar Invoice Only” options will only show you unpaid Zero Dollar Invoices. Checking “Partially paid” and “Zero Dollar Invoice Only” options will only show you Partially paid zero dollar invoices.  
    • Checking the Zero dollar invoice option by itself will not show you any invoices. This is as designed and this filter acts more as an on/off switch. You have to select other filters for zero dollar invoices to show up.


  • Added permission to the 1090 Verification report to pay admins.
  • Edited the CalculateSequenceAdjustmentMaximums procedure to prevent arithmetic overflow errors when calculating sequenced adjustments.
  • Updated GL to always use the weekend bill as the starting point for our RefNumber and then increment that up if we need multiple RefNumbers in a week.  
  • Added MsgActionIDWCEval config to allow for the selection of different message actions to be left on employee and contact records when an WC Evaluation has been submitted. Contact Support if you would like this cha
  • Editing the invoice text on a transaction that had Reg, OT, and DT hours on it would previously edit all timecards associated with it to have the same invoice text.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause invoices to come up in your search when they did not match your criteria. This is in the pay invoices area.


  • TN decreased their wage base from 9000 to 8000. We have updated the wage base as well recalculated back to the first of the year in response.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause users to not be able to click on certain forms with localizations added to them.
  • The weblink at the bottom of HrCenter pages will now navigate to the US TempWorks homepage or the UK TempWorks homepage depending on which locale of HrCenter you are on

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