Release Notes: 10/15/15

Enterprise (∞1510.15):

  • The Transactional Detail report will now pull in data for a PO number that was set to "Apply to Children Depts".
  • Sales tax was duplicating on the General Ledger report and now wont.
  • Optimized the timecard linking procedure.
  • The Local Tax Deposit report will no longer consider EMedSup a local tax.
  • The Web User Account was not visible in the Nav Tree and therefore the Sub Nav menu is blank. This has been remedied.
  • Added a new table to be used in Drop Down menu management. You may see this option in the Admin area currently, however it wont work at this time.
  • Added exclusive locking and performance updates to the procedures that are used when processing payroll.
  • Added GeoLoc to the Administration area. This will allow users to create new Zip Codes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused subpaycon runs to pull in subpaycon transactions from other hierarchies.
  • Edited DailyMaint4 to address bad data for paycards.
  • If you are running your quarter end mag media files and one of the states that you have wages in for quarter is missing a proc that is specified in prmagformatstate, this will flag the missing procedure and error.
  • Fixed a rare issue that would cause the File Export Dialog to load behind the main Enterprise Window.
  • Timezone has been added to the ServiceRep Administration area.
  • SecRole Admin function has been added to the Administration area. This is to allow a user to give a secrole out to another user that they themselves do not have.
  • On the Dashboard in the HrCenter area in Enterprise, a message has been added that states "The number of records may include employees not visible in this hierarchy". HRC displays incorrect counts in Enterprise because it shows tenant-level counts.
  • The column City was added for the BranchRoot table. This column will be used for future developments.


  • Added Prefill/Postfill Mississippi Witholding procedures.
  • Added Prefill/Postfill Virginia Witholding procedures.
  • Edited Georgia Witholding so that the update for PRemployeetaxroot updates allowances = @allowances rather than @exempt.
  • Added Prefill/Postfill Kanas Witholding procedures.
  • HRCenter Search - When finding the employee's using their username, we now search case insensitive instead of case sensitive.
  • Fixed an issue where the previous button was not working properly.
  • Typing in a bad zip code in HrCenter will now return a message stating "Unrecognized postal code".
  • We now are disallowing backslash characters in usernames upon registration.​


  • Fixed an issue when attempting to reset a WebCenter password, employee was receiving a "Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'UK_WebUserAccount_Tenant_Username'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.WebUserAccount'" error.
  • For multi-tenant databases, WebCenter was getting the system level license and it wasn't looking for the tenant specific license. This was causing problems when trying to register new users or reset passwords and it wouldn't set the password format correctly based on if they were licensed for HrCenter or not. ​


  • We reached our monthly transaction limit when we were using the MapQuest API for geocoding. We now switched over to using the Google API for geocoding.


  • Added search capability on UK NI instead of SSN.
  • The Work Interests area on the employee record will no longer state "$UNDEFINED$" and instead state "Notes".

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