Release Notes: 12/16/16

What’s New Version ∞2016.12.16:

  • A new Default Federal I9 form will be released on Monday morning for HrCenter to match the revised I9 released by the USCIS.
  • There are several additions in the Attendance Module area:
    • Added a context menu item to extend an assignment.
    • Added a context menu item to mass update assignments.
    • Added a context menu item to find candidates for the order.
    • Added the ability to single click a day’s checkbox to update whether the employee is assigned or not for that day.
    • Added an unassigned row within each order that highlights the days that an assignment is still required. Clicking this unassigned link will open the assignment quick add.
    • Updated the headers for the ‘Day’ columns to contain the date along with the day of the week. Also, these headers will order based on the customers WeekEndDay.
  • The Invoice Details layout has been changed to accommodate quicker loading of very large invoices. Load time for all invoices has been reduced.


  • The error generated when attempting to create a PseudoAIdent if the company is associated with posted transactions will now prevent the creation of the PseudoAident record.
  • Hier override for contacts has been modified to prevent contacts being inserted in an unintended hierarchy.
  • Two procs have been modified to look for ‘Cost Centers’ instead of ‘Cost Codes’ (wc_Config_GetCostCodeList & TimeClock_GetCostCodesByCustomerId)
  • Updated HRCenter procedures to populate cached lists from Enterprise.
  • Service reps are no longer able to change employee entered information (Date of Birth) when reviewing HRCenter forms in Enterprise.
  • In the Payroll Wizard, navigating back from the payroll print options screen no longer leaves printing locked for other users.
  • 1095 Form now saves updated settings for the defaultHireStatus.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a 'NullReferenceException' error in the Attendance Module area.
  • Fixed an issue in the Attendance Module search which could inappropriately filter start dates and end dates.


  • Cambridge OH tax rate was updated to 2%. 
  • Data Integrity Check error #19 now pulls from the root instead of the view. This was changed to prevent false errors.
  • Data Integrity Check error #36 has been modified to exclude voids/reversals from the section that checks for imbalance in FICA and Medicare.  If the check has already been voided/reversed, the imbalance has already been offset.  We only care about checks that haven't been corrected yet.

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