Release Notes: 12/29/2017

Version ∞2017.12.29



  • Added the ability to create or revoke personal access tokens that are used with auth server builds of Enterprise. This is located in All Options > Administration > Personal Access Tokens.  By default, this form will only be visible to users with the SA secrole. In this form, users can view active and inactive tokens for all service reps. In addition, users have the ability to revoke tokens or create new tokens for specific scopes. When creating new tokens, The accountSID and AuthToken will be displayed and can be copied to clipboard. After the token creation, the AuthToken is not stored and will not be able to be viewed again. This form can also be accessed by navigating to options via the Enterprise logo in the top left and selecting “Personal Access Tokens” but users will only be able to create/view tokens for their current service rep (users do not need to SA secrole to see this).
  • The way Enterprise determines which timecards to pull into payroll has been rebuilt. Now, all timecards will be ranked simultaneously on whether or not they require a separate check and what adjustment exemptions their paycodes have (if any). Moving forward:
    • Timecards that are not marked "Separate Check" will be preferred over those that are.
    • If multiple timecards are not marked “Separate Check” and they share the exact same adjustment exemptions (regardless of paycode) they can be pulled into payroll at the same time.
    • If multiple timecards have different paycodes and the paycodes have different adjustment exemptions they will be pulled into payroll separately.
    • Timecards that are marked "Separate Check" will pull into payroll one at a time regardless of paycode adjustment exemptions.
  • Added new items to the drop down menu in administration. These items are Candidate Statuses, Check Delivery Codes, Employment Categories, Hire Statuses, How Heard Of Options, Order Statuses, Order Types, Overtime Plans, Pay Codes, Performance Codes, and Service Levels.
  • Added the CAF 125 import for CAF 125 adjustments. This import is located under pay/bill > Actions Menu > Imports.
  • Added the ability to add read/write permissions to the Custom Data area. This can be used to allow Custom Field X cannot be written into by Secrole Y, etc. Note that this is setup on the backend.
  • Added a Check Date column to the Manage Unfunded Paycards area in Pay/Bill.
  • Added the ability to multi select/deselect records in SubPayCons runs. These options are called “Select All Highlighted Checks” and “Deselect All Highlighted Checks” and can be found when right clicking on a record in a SubPayCons run.


  • If a transaction is in any of the following states, the adjustment type on the timecard can no longer be changed.
    • Marked “not payable” or “not billable”
    • Staged Invoice Run or Staged Payroll Run
    • Invoiced or Paid
  • Improved performance on the Gross Profit Summary and Gross Profit Detail reports.
  • Added profession to the employee change log report.
  • Updated an error to read, “There is no Tenant at this hierarchy level. ” in situations where an HrCenter tenant is not setup at the user's current hierarchy level. This error will come up when a user attempts to edit a users web user password or when doing an HrCenter search at a hierarchy level where a tenant is not setup or not setup correctly.
  • Improved performance on the Employee Transaction report.
  • Added the ability to select which branch a First Advantage background check is being submitted from. The list of branches will be pulled from FADV, not from branch root (FADV holds the list of "branches" from their end).


  • Updated the sPrMagFormat_CSV_CA mag media procedure to prevent a logic loop that would cause performance issues.
  • Corrected an error that would come up when running the New York state mag media export for quarter 4.
  • Found and corrected a rare issue where the W-2 reprint report would choose the incorrect EINC when a service rep attempts to reprint a W-2.
  • A truncation error will no longer occur when running the proofing report on an employee where their first and last name combined is longer than 50 characters. This has been extended to 100 characters to match the current character limit on the employee record.
  • An error will no longer occur when a user enters time on a timecard, removes it, then clicks on the search text box.
  • Corrected a “Cannot insert the value NULL” error that could come up when attempting to reset a WebCenter password on a contact.
  • Scrolling while editing multiple lines on an invoice will no longer cause the line items to become misaligned.
  • Corrected an issue where we were unable to restrict read/write access to the payroll summary screen on the back end.
  • Previously, after deleting an invoice correction, the balances on the original invoice wouldn't appear updated on the invoice register even though they appeared normal on the invoice details. Now the balances will appear as they should on both the invoice register and the invoice details after deleting an invoice correction.


  • Removed Hoovers from the External Services section in Administration.


Rate Changes:   

  • Updated Vermilion OH tax rate to 1.5%.
  • Updated Warren Ohio sales tax rate to 7%. This will go into effect for 2018.
  • Updated Knox Ohio sales tax rate to 7.25% . This will go into effect for 2018.


  • Found and corrected a rare issue where Kentucky school district reciprocity rules were not calculating correctly in situations where there was multiple transactions processed on a single check.



  • Updated the worker comp list order in Beyond. The order will sort by worker comp description, then worker comp code instead of worker comp code.
  • Restyled the column header filter menu to more closely resemble the rest of Beyond.


  • Added the Job Title column to the assignment advanced search. This will fix the “The column with the Id of 0f82fe01-b5aa-4399-8adf-ad5df7696bae is not valid for the origin type with the id of 14.” error.
  • The search footer page buttons are no longer enabled before doing a search.
  • The Assignment > Financial Details > Worker comp and multiplier codes will now load up data from the customer defaults area instead of everything.



  • There are now two new tables jb_StandardFieldSortOrder and jb_CustomDataFields as well as two new configs for showing/hiding new fields on orders in JobBoard. These fields that can be shown or hidden are Pay Rate, Shift, Shift Start Time, Branch Name, Branch Address, Entity Name, Job Title and Public Transportation. Note that this must be setup on the back end.

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