Release Notes: 08/18/2017

Version ∞2017.8.18:



  • SUTA/FUTA taxes now will self correct amount taxed amounts during payroll when there is an overcharge for SUTA/FUTA rates.
  • Added logic to the fx_MakeDuplicateTimecard procedure to allow custom duplicate timecard procedures to be ran in place of it. Contact support if you'd like this
  • Altered the max rehire days on the IL new hire export. The rehire days are now 60 to match with IL new hire reporting guidelines.


  • For the GL Journal Entry Export, we updated the logic to how we update the Branch Name on checks that are missing it.  Instead of pulling the branch from the employee record, we now pull a branch that is in the same EINC as the check.  This will prevent checks with crisscrossed branches to EINC's.
  • Abandoning invoices would previously always zero out the Worker Comp cost on transactions. This will no longer occur.
  • Originally, if an invoice had more than one Flat Rate adjustment, the total adjustment would be divided by the number of adjustments on the invoice. This no longer occurs.



  • Created a new config called "Limit Orders on Order tab to specific sub category". This can be used to limit the orders visible to the Employee on the Employee Orders page to only orders that fall within a specific job title category (All Options > Job Title > Category). By default, the config is empty and will not limit any orders shown.


  • Corrected an error that could come up in WebCenter when altering the SMTP password config.


Rate Changes:

  • Hocking OH will be updating its sales tax rate to 7.25% in October this year. We have too and this will change over in October.


  • Updated the remaining mag media procedures to have the wages associated with the pay codes that exempt from tax (PrPayCodeExTax) to be excluded from the gross wages in the mag media files.


  • Checks with Emed Supplemental tax on them will no longer trigger the error, “Pre-tax adjustments exceed the gross for one or more tax jurisdictions on the check.”

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