How to Deactivate Workflows

How to Deactivate HRCenter Workflows from TempWorks Training on Vimeo.

Where Active Workflows Display:

In Beyond: 

Active workflows can be searched by navigating to the B for Beyond menu and selecting Search > Onboarding Search: 

Search for employees by workflow, step, and status of application. 

In Enterprise:

Active workflows display in the HRCenter dashboard within Enterprise:

When selected from the corresponding dropdown, steps and applicants associated with the workflow display in the dashboard.

To Deactivate a Workflow

  1. Begin by navigating to HRCenter Admin. 
    • *Note: Access to HRCenter Admin is typically limited to a select group within your company. If you do not have access to HRCenter Admin but would like a workflow deactivated, please see your manager for assistance. 
  2. Once you have logged in, select the (1.) workflows tab and locate the workflow you would like to deactivate - the (2.) workflow name(s) will be listed. 
  3. Click the name to expand the settings information for that workflow.
  4. Select to (3.) deactivate the workflow and the change will immediately take place.

With the workflow now deactivated, it no longer displays in the workflows dropdown within Enterprise:

*Note* If at any point you would to reactivate a workflow, simply select the (4.) inactive box within HRCenter Admin to view and activate inactive workflows. 

As discussed earlier, select the (5.) workflow name to expand the settings section and click the (6.) activate button to immediately make the change. 

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