Employee: The Home Tab

What is WebCenter?

The employee portal of WebCenter gives you, the temp employee, access to important information including paycheck stubs, assignment info, and important documents. 

*Note* Each staffing company has a unique URL link to WebCenter and will need to provide you with log in credentials. These same credentials are used to log into HRCenter. 

Check out Employee: Welcome to WebCenter for more information.

The Home Tab

The home tab represents a space designed to give you a quick glance of all the important information going on with your record. It has several features that will allow you to keep tabs on your workload and responsibilities. 

In this article we will take a closer look at specific sections of your home tab and how you can make the most of it.

*Note* Every WebCenter user is configured by your staffing company and you may notice differences between your experience and the screenshots displayed in this article.

There are four basic areas found on every WebCenter home page:

1. The Navigation Tabs

This section serves as the directory for your account. This lists every section that you have access to. Simply select the tab you wish to navigate to, for example you may view your pay history by selecting that tab. The current tab will be displayed as highlighted.

2. Your To Do List This section represents items that need your attention. This area also houses your information, the management of your W2's, and paystubs.
3. The Availability Button

Once every 24 hours you have the opportunity to let your staffing company know you are looking and ready for jobs. Marking yourself as available is a great way to let your staffing specialists know your ready for whatever they send your way.

4. The Message Board 
This is a general message board your staffing specialist/agency might use to post useful reminders.

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