Release Notes: 05/13/16

What’s New Version ∞2016.5.13:

  • Added Overtime hours to the employee paycheck details under the timecards tab when on a mobile device. (WebCenter)
  • Added the transfer of "Custom Data Fields" & "Documents" to the "Order Copy" Procedure.
  • Created a new config called WorksiteTaxOverride.  This config works in a similar but opposite fashion as checking the Tax By Employee State checkbox on an employee record. Meaning If an employee lives and works in different states, this config will ignore any taxes that are associated with the employee's state of residency.  If an employee lives and works in the same state, taxes will continue to be processed as normal. This is off by default. Contact support if you want this.
  • You can now use a custom procedure instead of the standard “trak1_RunPackage” procedure. The configtype to enter the custom procedure is called “Custom_Trak1_RunPackage” Contact your account manager if you want the Trak 1 integration.
  • Removed the “Max Invoice” option under Customer > Invoice Setup > Billing Setup.
  • Users will now get a confirmation pop up window when a user clicks on “Save and Exit” during an HrCenter application. The popup will state, “You are about to exit without submitting your information. Are you sure you want to exit?” and provide the options “No, Take me back.” and “Yes, I want to exit.”


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when navigating to All options > HrCenter.
  • Abandoning a payroll run will now unlock that payroll run from the payroll wizard, so that other payroll runs can process payroll without issues.
  • Added line RS41 to the OR mag media. This only applies to 2016 files and forward.
  • Increased the STATE column in Ctxns_OTCalculation_Log from 2 to 3 for UK states. Also modified the sPayrollRun_OvertimeCalculation proc. This is to prevent errors when processing overtime UK residents. (Table #NonExempt_CtxnsID STATE from 2 to 3)
  • Modified sPayrollFindBadChecks to reference the MaxGross and MaxNet config types within ConfigRoot. This config (depending on what its set to) will make an error appear during payroll stating that the Gross and or Net of a check exceeds the limit specified on these configs.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Document Types from other hierarchies to be selected when uploading new documents.
  • When customer specific ACA settings are used, and apply to departments is selected, the advanced settings for Pay codes, Adjustments and Insurance Offer Statuses are not considered when calculating the ACA surcharge for affected departments.  We added code to sInvRunAcaExciseTax that will identify the customer the department inherits from (if any) and bring those settings forward now.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause adjustments to give back instead of take out of an employee’s check when an employee is paid biweekly, the adjustment is setup with a max monthly amount, and transactions are processed for different months.
  • Fixed the Oregon Mag Media file to have decimals rounded and spacing intact. This is required by Oregon.
  • Corrected associated locations for zip code 16411 (East Springfield, PA) Also Corrected associated locations and sales tax relationships for zip code 43202 (Franklin County, OH)
  • Optimized the Timeclock_GetPunchActions proc to prevent time out errors when employees create timeclock punches.
  • Updated the contact method “Employee Office#” to the “Phone” type.
  • There are two moved wages reports sent out with the last report rollout.  This is causing copies of the exact report to be available in all databases and to fix this, we are deactivating one.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause multiple of the same invoices to display in the invoice register. 


  • Ravenna OH increased its rate to 2.5%.


  • The Insight survey can now send the SSN instead of the employee’s Aident and vice versa.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause PDFs generated from form builder to not display the selected Radio button properly.
  • Previously, we would not constrain all lookups of a user by both username and tenant. Now we do.
  • SSN was previously always treated as required when it was turned on. Now when its turned on and set to not be required, it won’t be required.
  • Corrected a rare error that could come up when a service rep signs an HrCenter form.


  • Previously, if you entered a duplicate username into the registration page and clicked the "register" button nothing would happen. Now if the user enters a username that already exists it will display an appropriate error message.
  • The wc_Customer_GetEmployeeAssignments proc was calling a function to check required document type configuration rules, but that function was using old tables. Updated the wc_GetDocumentRequirementTypeRestriction function to work with the new config tables. What this means to you, is that the document type configs will work properly again.

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