Release Notes: 06/09/2017

Version ∞2017.6.9:



  • We now log changes to the Check Delivery field under the payment options on employee records. This can be found on the Employee Change log report.
  • Updated E-Verify to the newest version.
  • Created a New Hire Format for Massachusetts.


  • Made two corrections when adding invoice recipients in Customer > Invoice Setup > Billing Setup. Newly added contact methods entered in the dialog via the "+" button are now populated in the contact method drop down. Also, added an SMSEmail type to be fetched for the same drop down.
  • Fixed Enterprise validation for stub memos when saving changes to a staged check.
  • Fixed an error stating "Sequence contains no elements" when trying to access the Service Rep page in the Administrative area of Enterprise. 
  • Made two modifications to the customer information area in contact records > Details:
    • Now, when clearing the “Customer” field, all other customer information fields will be cleared.
    • Users can no longer attempt to select a worksite address without first having selected a customer.
  • The Message Productivity report has been updated to prevent inaccurate and duplicate results.
  • The Hours Forecast report would previously throw an error if there were problems with any assignment start/end times in the system. This has been changed and now the report will only error on assignments that match the search criteria.
  • Fixed an error that could come up when expanding the details of an employee on the HrCenter dashboard.
  • The Abandon Pos Pay window could previously show the incorrect service reps name that created a pos pay file. This has been corrected.


  • Modified the CA New Hire procedure to make it easier to read as well as removing unused variables, omitting hyphens from the employer's Federal EmployerID/State ID and Zip Code.
  • Behind the scenes database cleanup of bad references and invalid SQL.
  • Upgraded the Patagames PDF package to the latest version. This is to help ensure that everything runs smoothly when printing invoices.
  • Updated the TWAPI employee web creation from a new web account to include middle name.



  • Fixed an “Invalid juris selected for this tax state” error that could come up when an employee (living and working in different states) fills out an application.
  • Made fixes to the default skills page.
    • The filter at the top of the Skills page is now functioning properly.
    • Navigating back to a completed but not submitted Skills page will now save the new skills that were newly selected or modified. 



  • Optimized the WebCenter orders page to improve loading performance.



  • Added Rockland Twp Pennsylvania to zip code 16373.   
  • Added Bloomfield Twp Pennsylvania to zip code 16404.


  • Updated New York County taxes to have end dates in 2999 so that these taxes do not give a tax ruleid = 0 error when processing payroll. These County taxes were erroring because the end dates were all in the past. These county taxes rates were and still are 0%.



  • The JobBoard no longer throws an error when a user enters location search data that Google couldn't find a location for.

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