HRCenter 101: Beyond & the Job Board

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The HRCenter Minor series is aimed toward recruiters but we welcome all students who want to learn more about the application process in HRCenter and Beyond. During these courses, you will learn more about how applicants can apply for jobs and fill out applications.

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HRCenter 101: Beyond & the Job Board

The Job Board can be an important part of the HRCenter applicant process because applicants can review and apply for jobs directly. This course will walk through what the TempWorks Job Board looks like for applicants and how to post orders from Beyond on the Job Board.

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Next Required Course: HRCenter 102: The Applicant Process 

Description: This course will walk through HRCenter from the applicant’s prospective. It provides an overview of how an applicant will register and fill out an application. This video includes a brief overview on how applications can be organized.  

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