Release Notes: 12/10/15

Enterprise (∞1512.10):

  • Fixed a customer settings not found error that could occur when attempting to edit ACA surcharge information.
  • Increased the timeout length on the peoplenet import. Larger files were timing out before the import had a chance to get through the whole file.
  • Altered the Data Integrity Check to address some false errors that were showing up.
  • Updated the assignment register report to use ShiftName instead of Shift. (ShiftName is obsolete)
  • Updated the Order Change log report to show logs that happened on a single day you're running the report for. (ex. 12/10/15-12/10/15)
  • Added Grant executes to fx_GetEmailablePayStubs. This is so users who log in with HOST\Username can use this function.
  • The 'DateAbandoned' column was added to the PosPayRunRoot table.  The view PosPayRun on all databases were not refreshed so do not include the column.  This is causing errors when an attempt is made to abandon the pos pay run.  We re-created the view again to fix this. 
  • Added a backup configuration for new HRC tenants.
  • Default Alabama Withholding prefill & postfill procedures have been added.
  • Indiana postfill procedure has been altered to prevent an error from coming up when the allowances or additional withholding amounts are left blank.
  • ADP updated there URLs. We did too so that the form still works.


  • AWR status config (AwrRunOffAssignmentsOnly) has been added. The system is defaulted to using assignment and transactional data but this config will force the status to only look at assignment data. (StartDate)

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