Release Notes: 01/21/16

Enterprise (∞1601.21):

  • TCFeedID (Timecard Feed ID) has been added as a column in time entry.
  • Two Factor Authentication has been added to Enterprise. This is turned off by default, but let your account manager know if you are interested in getting it turned on.
  • Now when you check the Epay only checkbox in payroll, the payrollrun table will be updated with the epayonly flag. This was not happening previously and will help support better troubleshoot some payroll issues.
  • Invoice text validations will come up and act correctly when editing an invoice.
  • Previously when printing a payroll run, you would get different results when you double clicked vs clicking the next button. Now double clicking on a payroll run to print it will populate with the correct data.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when creating a new PO number and applying it to all orders.
  • Fixed a situation where GLS Bank account would not update the check number when printing payroll.
  • An “Include Inactive Steps” check box has been added to the HrCenter search area.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a check to not have a check number associated with it when using “Post payroll but do not print” option.
  • Update California accruals to allow dynamic rollover depletion date.
  • Fixed a network path not found error that could occur when creating a zero dollar invoice.
  • W2 Summary report now only returns and calculates the current year's amount taxable instead of encompassing all years.
  • Previously you could not abandon ACH run if the weekend bill on the payroll run was ahead of the current weekend bill. Now you can.
  • Granted Execute permissions to CalcNetToGross so that Host\ accounts can use the Gross Up Calculator without error.
  • New GL accounts will have the account number put in front of the account name so users can better filter what they need.
  • Added an EINC drop down on the W3 Summary.


  • Updated state minimum wages to 2015 rates (yes, 2015 because 1095s have to reference last year's data).


  • Updated the W4 prefill procedure so that it will work correctly for both cases of the capitalization of Firstname and Lastname.


  • Redid the w2s to use the new Merge Engine for 2015 and up.


  • Updated some action menu items with UK verbiage.

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