Release Notes: 05/27/16

Whats New Version ∞2016.5.27:

  • Added the Numeric Rating from the Employee visifile to the employee candidacy area. This is not visible by default, but you can right click on the columns and add it in the employee candidacy area.


  • Updated the fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_Availability procedure so that when users fill out the desired pay box in HrCenter, it fills out to the desired pay box in Enterprise on the employee record.
  • Creating zero dollar invoices will no longer count towards the Unsent Invoice Emails number.
  • Altered sPayrollSetupTaxJurisdictions to remove a section that calculated a special exemption for PR employees under the age of 26.  Per Vertex, the individual can claim this refund on their tax return but employers are not supposed to consider it when doing withholding calculations.
  • Previously an error could come up when correcting an invoice with more than 70 characters in the invoice text field. Now the error won’t occur.
  • Added EXECUTE permissions to fx_employeeInterviewMessage. This is so HOST users can utilize the Interview action item function under Employee > Actions Menu.
  • Right clicking and copying a contact method will now copy only the contact method you had selected instead of everything.
  • Processing an E-Verify case from the assignment action menu will no longer net an error.
  • Toggling the Account View and Master view button on the customer visifile will no longer affect the invoice history search.
  • Searches on message date will now more accurately pull in results for the date range that was inputted.
  • Group by master invoice now does include the master invoice
  • Enterprise will now remember what color you changed it to in


  • Fixed a sequence contains no elements error that could occur when an employee or supervisor clicks on a link to fill out their evaluation survey.
  • Fixed the area code search on the customer screen for TwMobile.
  • Modified the standard Earning Statements WebCenter report (ran when you click "View Printable Version" of any check from the employee's Pay History tab) to accurately calculate DepletedThisYear, which is used when calculating AvailableBalance onto the check stub Earning Statements report.

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