Release Notes: 03/24/2017

What's New Version ∞2017.3.24:

  • Added two new Configs to control the WarningAmount and WarningDate regarding PO numbers.
  • Added a new WebCenter config that allows a user the ability to unlock an order request if its status is Pending Approval and the user has access to that order. When the order request is unlocked, a modal to make changes to the order request will be opened. After submitting the changes to the order request, the old order will be marked as deleted and a new order request with the updated information will be created. This WebCenter config is called “Allow Unlocking of Order Requests” and is located under the Orders tab in the WebCenter Admin Config page.


  • Changed the standard Assignment Register report to account for multiple years of SUTA tiers when calculating the estimated Gross Margin. 
  • Users can now click the “Add New GLSAccountMap Entries” button in All Options > Admin > GLS Account Map without unnecessary mapping records being created. This button now only look at weeks that were processed in Tempworks and ignores any converted data.
  • Updated a procedure to prevent pulling timecards into an InvMonthly run if the HoldOffMonthly has not posted.
  • Updated the "ACA Employee Details Communication Export", "ACA Employee Details", and "ACA Employee Cycles" reports to only return W2 employees.


  • Optimized the employee pay history tab in WebCenter for improved performance.


  • Fixed a bug that could result in a generic error message when attempting to navigate to an order.

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