Publishing W2's to WebCenter

Lone Oak Payroll closes your company's year(s) on your behalf, while also providing you with the authority to decide when you want to publish your electronic W-2s to WebCenter. 

When you are ready to publish, follow these simple steps. 

From Step 4 of the year end worksheet, select to "activate" WebCenter W2s. Once WebCenter's have been activated you can then send a notification to your employees:

*Note* This notification is sent in the form of an email to your employees. You can customize the messaging in this email from WebCenter Administration → Email → Employee → W2Posted Notification. 

Please also be aware that notifications cannot be re-sent unless you contact Support or the Year End team. 

*Note* Only W2s are available via WebCenter. 

*Note* If changes to the W2s need to be made use the same options to temporarily disable WebCenter W2’s. Don’t forget to enable them again once corrections have been made.

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