Release Notes: 01/26/2024

This release brings 1099s and 1095-Cs to WebCenter, along with additional fixes and improvements across TempWorks products.

*Note* For all self-hosted clients, as always, ensure you install all updates to give your users the best experience and new features.

The Highlights

1099s and 1095-Cs in WebCenter

The ability to view and print 2023 (and future, once available) 1099s and 1095-Cs has been added to WebCenter.

*Note* For more information, please see the article titled Employee: The Pay History Tab.

Additional Updates

In Beyond

  • Fixed an error that would occur within the dashboard.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when attempting to create an assignment from the job order.
  • Fixed an issue where the Employee “Status” charm would not refresh after a Deact/React message is logged.
  • Fixed an issue where Work History City/State information would need to be re-entered in the event the Work History HRCenter page was re-assigned to the employee.

In Enterprise

  • Fixed an issue preventing the emailing of invoices in the event a customer record has a department without an Invoice CC Email Address listed.

In Reports

  • Fixed the format for the Indiana New Hires export.
  • Created a new Iowa W4 based on the state requirements for 2024.
  • Created a new Federal W4 based on the requirements for 2024.
  • Completed updates to the Delaware W4 based on state requirements.
  • Completed updates to the Missouri W4 based on state requirements.
  • Completed updates to the Oregon W4 based on state requirements.
  • Completed updates to the Illinois Employee Assignment Notice report.

In WebCenter

  • Fixed the Job Board filter search.

Tax Updates:

  • Updated the Iowa withholding tax based on the requirements of the state of Iowa.

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