Release Notes: 12/4/2020

We've entered the last month of the year! Enjoy this update 😊

*Note* For all self-hosted clients, as always, ensure you install all updates to give your users the best experience and new features. 

No new features in this release. Our development team is working hard on future features so stay tuned! 

Additional Updates

In Beyond:

  • Fixed an issue where HRCenter would encounter an unexpected error and not be able to sync when trying to continue a workflow to a new step in Beyond. Check out Beyond - Onboarding for more information on managing HRCenter Workflows.
  • We've updated our resume parser engine in Beyond as we prepare for future resume-related features. You should not see any changes when adding an employee via resume but you might get warm fuzzy feelings when it parses out a little more information than before.
    • Always double check the employee record after parsing a resume to ensure everything was captured correctly. 

In WebCenter:

  • WebCenter Admins who do not have the impersonate permission will no longer see an impersonate option when using the user tab. Previously, they could see the impersonate button but would receive an error message.  
  • Fixed an issue where users on smaller screens were not seeing the confirmation button when attempting to create a WebCenter timecard. This fix also updated other window resizing issues within WebCenter. 

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