Beyond - How to Deactivate and Reactivate Employee Records

Deactivating vs Deleting

For data integrity purposes, Beyond does not allow you to truly "delete" employee records from the system. Instead, you are able to deactivate employee records. Deactivating a record will ensure that it does not show up in your every day searches and reports.

*Note* The user must have permission to log a message with the deactivate or reactive message action codes in order to log these messages. Beyond permissions are managed in Security Groups. To learn more, check out Message Action Security Groups. 

How to Deactivate Employee Records

Begin by navigating to the visifile of the employee record you wish to deactivate. The 'activation' charm in the charms section of the employee record indicates whether the record is active or inactive. If the 'activation' charm is green, the record is active. 

*Note* If the employee currently has an open assignment, the assignment must be ended before you can deactivate the employee's record. 

In the 'Messages' card on the visifile, select the plus button to open the 'Compose Message' wizard:

Enter the reason for the deactivation under the message section and select the "Deactivate" action code. 

*Note* Message action codes are customizable so you may have a different action code you need to select in order to deactivate. Talk with your system admin if you are unsure which action code to use. 

What Happens When a Deactivation Message is Submitted?

The activation charm status will change to inactive and grey.

The 'Deactivation Date' field will be populated in the hiring card of the employee records  'DETAILS'  tab:

The employee will be listed as inactive in search results:

*Note* You may not assign an inactive employee. When attempting to assign an inactive employee to an order, a hard stop assignment restriction will prevent you from completing the process. Before you are able to proceed with creating the assignment record, you will need to reactivate the employee record. 

How to Reactivate an Employee Record

To reactivate an employee record simply follow the same steps taken to deactivate the record. 

Begin by navigating to the visifile of the employee record you wish to reactivate.

In the 'Messages' card, select the plus button to open the 'Compose Message' wizard:

This time, choose an action code that starts with "react" and fits the reason as to why you are reactivating the employee's record. You may also expand on this by entering more information into the body of your message:

What Happens When a Reactivation Message is Submitted?

The 'activation' charm status will change to active and green.

The employee will be listed as active in search results.

Searching For Employees By Status

If you need to find an employee record that may be active or inactive, you can toggle your options in a basic employee search. 

In Advanced Searching, you can also indicate whether you want active employees by adding the Is Active rule. True would mean only active employees and False would mean only inactive. 

To learn more about searching, check out Beyond - Advanced Searching

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