Asurint Background Screening Solutions Overview

TempWorks & Asurint Background Screening Solutions

Since 2006, Asurint has been redefining how background searches are done; solving problems and reducing anxiety for recruiters and their candidates throughout the hiring process. Using innovative tools that aid in faster turnaround times, more accurate information, robust compliance and seamless integrations, Asurint provides the only background screen optimized to deliver the truth on demand.

Our products and solutions get you comprehensive results, fast. Here are just a few:

  • Criminal Background Searches
  • Drug Testing and Medical Services
  • Employment and Education Verification Searches
  • Social Security Number Searches

Asurint has made an impact on the staffing industry by providing an average turnaround time of .70 days, with 15% more reportable records. Asurint’s seamless integration with TempWorks allows recruiters to experience a seamless workflow with a more streamlined process that captures the end-to-end view of the hiring process.

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Asurint Benefits Include:

  • 100% U.S. – based customer support
  • Industry leading turnaround times
  • Highly competitive pricing structure
  • Streamlined process with direct single sign-on to Asurint’s platform
  • Simple, self-service integration setup
  • Complete visibility with an end-to-end view of the hiring lifecycle

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