Release Notes: 08/05/2016

Whats New Version ∞2016.8.5:

  • Created a procedure that will allow Tempworks employees and database administrators of self-hosted clients the ability to quickly and easily investigate why a particular order or orders do not post to the JobBoard. (UTroubleshootJobBoardOrders)
  • The PO Number field in time entry will no longer be locked down if the transaction hasn’t gone through invoicing yet.
  • Added an active column when searching for contacts/employees in the TWOutlook plugin. This column states whether the record you are looking at is active or not.


  • Added some checks to ensure that Active shifts are returned when adding shifts to customers & departments.
  • Optimized the invoice run posting procedure by removing parts that no longer existed. Made it easier to read for troubleshooting purposes as well.
  • Reverted the sInvPrint_BuildStaging procedure to prevent some invoice editing issues.
  • Improved performance on some new hire exports.
  • Fixed some object not set to a reference of an object errors that could come up when navigating to Admin > Drop Down, Order > Integrations > Everify, and Assignment > Integrations > Everify.
  • Removed total applicants, not yet started, in progress submitted, etc., counts from HrCenter. The numbers were causing too much confusion as to what they represented.
  • Fixed an issue for self-hosted clients where they were not able to apply hotfixes more than a month out on an up to date enterprise build.
  • Now after posting invoice payments, the cancel button is removed.
  • The actions menu area in time entry will no longer shrink when selecting a transaction that has a long employee name.
  • Addressed a start index error that could come up when deleting WebCenter timecards in time entry.


  • Applied a local San Francisco employer tax of .75%. This will only show when the SFPayrollExciseTax config is on.

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