Application Translations (for Spanish)

Translating Your HRCenter Application

We currently offer HRCenter Applications to be able to dynamically switch between English and Spanish. All of our built-in Information pages and registration text have already been translated but surveys, forms, and custom text may need to be translated before you turn on this feature. 

Spanish Translation Checklist: 

  1. Surveys
  2. Forms
  3. Optimizing Your Application for Spanish
  4. Turning on Spanish Translations

Turning on Spanish Translations

When you are ready to start using Spanish translations, you will need to turn on the Spanish language option so your applicants will be able to select their language. Make sure you have everything translated the way you want it before you turn this option on. 

  1. Navigate to HRCenter Admin > Tenants
  2. Under Language, turn on the switch next to Spanish Language: 
  3. Click Save in the bottom right

*Note* Updates from HRCenter Admin can take up to 5 minutes to take effect on your application registration page. 

Once your update has been made, the applicant can select their language in the upper right. 

On Computers: 

On Mobile Devices: 

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