Release Notes: 07/15/2016

Whats New Version ∞2016.7.15:

  • Added a function permission for marking and unmarking checks as “Unclaimed”. Let support know if you would like to do this. 
  • You can now merge messages when merging contacts. You can do this in the merge contacts option in the actions menu on a contact record. Upon the merge, the original contacts messages are moved over to the new contact. Meaning all old messages will be off the original profile.


  • Previously when searching for messages in an enhanced search, the most recent message would show up on the search instead of what you searched for. For example, if employee X had a message that had the word “epic” on it and you searched for epic, you would get employee X in your results. However, employee X’s message would instead show the most recent message left on the record in the enhanced search. Now your search text will show in the enhanced search instead of the most recent message left.
  • Removed the “Finish” button that’s on the “Invoice Payments – Enter Payments” screen since it wouldn’t ever become available for use.
  • System level FyreSync accounts can no longer be edited when a user doesn’t have system level access.
  • System level HrCenter doc mappings can no longer be edited when a user doesn’t have system level access.
  • Previously when selecting customers for a commission formula, only the customer name was displayed. If a customer had a department(s) on it, it would appear as if the primary customer was duplicate. Added the department name as well as the customer name to remedy this.
  • When in Administration and under the Authorities page, the check box for "Child Support Authority" wouldn’t stay checked when clicked on. Now it does.


  • Updated Idaho withholding amounts. This also updates the personal allowance amount and tax tiers.
  • Darbyville, Clarksville, and Millersport Ohio updated to have a local tax of 1%


  • Fixed a Javascript capitalizations error that could cause forms to not be able to be submitted.
  • Previously when using HrCenter on mobile, the save and exit button would be overlaid over other buttons. Now this won’t happen.
  • Relabeled the “Form Type” to “Postill procedure” in the forms section.
  • Added some validations on the Education & Identification pages. Now forcing that the expiration dates have to be in the future, start date before the end date, & start date must be in the past.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause DocCenter forms to not postfill correctly when extra trailing spaces were put in some fields.


  • The problem was that if your browser language settings are set to English(United Kingdom), you would get date errors when loading the Employee Calendar tab. 

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