Release Notes: 01/14/16

Enterprise (∞1601.14):

  • Fixed a truncation error that could occur when creating timecards.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when running the GL Journal Entry Export. Proc was erroring out when FUTA correction run was done on converted checks that were missing the TXNSMAxBranchName.  Corrected proc to populate TXNSMaxBranchName correctly for checks that pull in due to a tax correction run instead of pulling in because they were new that week.
  • Viewing messages left on an employee record get converted to a local date time when you view them. Searches on the message date however did not do this and were still stuck in UTC. Now they get converted to local time.
  • Added a Kenexa percentage column so that it can be searchable in the enhanced search.
  • Addressed an issue that caused Object in reference errors when searching for reports that had a null description.
  • Removed an extra carriage return on NJ Mag media file
  • Some of a customer’s invoice configurations (Create separate invoices for each department, order, worksite, etc.) where not getting marked properly on the invoice record on the back end. Now they will.
  • Added restrictions to the W-2 reprint to look at the current view.
  • Added new standard report procedures. (fx_report_EOY_MagMediaDataIntegrityCheck, fx_report_InterviewQuestions, fx_report_W3Summary, fx_report_RevenueMargin, fx_report_1096Summary, & fx_report_EOY_MagMediaDataIntegrityCheck)
  • Added new query parameter to API for QA, EDGE, & MAIN releases.
  • Under employee > integrations > HrCenter, workflows were previously being sorted with the oldest workflow at the top. Now they will sort new to old.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when viewing HrCenter workflows in Enterprise.
  • Fixed some locking up/slowness issues that could occur when putting in multiple invoice payments at once.


  • Modified fx_report_EOY_MagMediaDataIntegrityCheck to sum jurisgross instead of looking for individual rows with a value <> 0. This ensures we don't have false positives for jurises that don't actually have taxable wages or amount tax.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause imputed income adjustments to not calculate the tax portion of the calculation.
  • Altered the Mag Media data integrity check to improve performance.
  • Fixed an issue on the Data Integrity Check that would cause some errors to return duplicates.
  • Made more 1095 Schema updates for start dates far in the past

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