Mobile Forms

Mobile (Survey Style) Forms

To streamline the process of applicants filling out forms on mobile devices, Survey Style Forms have been introduced.

This article covers the following:

  1. Creating the Survey
  2. Creating the Form
  3. Creating the Page
  4. Applicant Example

*Note*  To access this functionality, you will need to be an HRCenterTM admin. If you are unsure of whether you are an HRCenter admin consult your Bridge admin, if you are unaware of your HRCenter admin URL reach out to your TempWorks Account Manager.

If you are trying to create a mobile friendly version of a form created by a TempWorks rep, you may need to contact TempWorks support for assistance. Any form that can not be found under the forms section of HRCenter Admin has been custom made and will need the help from a TempWorks Rep to link the fields.  

Creating the Survey

In order for the process to be started, a survey will need to be created. For more information, please view the instructions within the How to Create Surveys article.

While creating the survey, there are two fields that need special attention. These include the following:

  • Choose Custom Name (for Field Mapping):

  • Value Of Answer (for Answers):

*Note* In order for the survey to link correctly to the form, you will need to make sure that every 'Choose Custom Name' and 'Value Of Answer' is specific to their respective question and answer.

*Note* When setting up the survey, make sure all dependencies are labeled per question and answer. This includes whether or not a question is required, whether or not an answer is the correct one, etc. With the dependencies labeled within the survey, extra work will not need to be done when creating the form.

Creating the Form

With the survey completed, it is time to create the form in which the survey will be linked to. For more information, please view the instructions within the Form Builder article.

When initially creating the form, you will see an option for 'Linked Survey'. As long as the survey has been built, it should appear within this drop down. Before editing the form and adding fields, you will want to choose the survey from the dropdown that will be linked to the form:

With the survey linked, select 'Edit Form', add your form image, and drag the intended fields over to the image:

With the fields added within the form image, you will now need to link the survey fields to the form fields. This is done by updating the 'Name' within the 'Properties' window on the right hand side of the Form Builder. In order to update the 'Name', do the following:

  1. Select the Form Builder field that needs to be updated
  2. Within the 'Properties' window on the right hand side of the Form Builder, select the 'Name' field
  3. Select the option for 'Name from linked survey'
  4. Within the 'Field' dropdown, select the corresponding name of the field within the survey
  5. Select 'OK' to finish linking the fields

*Note* As long as the survey has been configured correctly, requirements and dependencies on fields within the Form Builder do not need to be set. When the applicant is filling out the form within HRCenter, the requirements and dependencies of the fields will pull from the survey that is linked to the form.

Once all of the fields have been linked to their respective names, finish building the form and select 'Save' once completed.

Creating the Page

With the survey and the form completed, it is now time to create the workflow page from the form. For more information, please view the instructions within the How to Create Form Pages article.

Applicant Example

With the Survey Style Form page created, it is time to assign the page and have the applicant fill it out. Below is an example of what a Survey Style Form will look like when being filled out via the applicant on a mobile device.

  • When the applicant logs into HRCenter and selects the workflow with the Survey Style Form to fill out, they will see the survey questionnaire first. The applicant answers the questions as necessary:

  • With the questions answered, the applicant will select 'Save and Continue' to then see the answers populate within the form. These answers will be in a Read-Only format in which they cannot be edited unless the applicant selects the 'Previous' option to be brought back to the survey questionnaire:

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