Core - Creating Required Docs Options

What are Required Docs?

Required documents allow you to store, track, and manage documents that are required for employees. Required documents can be set up on customer and order records to require a specific document type before an employee can be assigned to that order. Required docs can be saved and searched on the employee record to make managing documents a breeze. 

Before a required doc can be set for a customer, order, or saved on an employee record, the required document type must first be set up under Administration.

Adding Required Document Types:
  1. Navigate to all options > administration.
  2. Select 'required document' on the left: 
  3. Select the + icon on the right.
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Document Name.
    • Optionally, add a description to further explain to recruiters or sales when this document type should be used.
    • Hier: select the hierarchy level this field applies to (ex. is it only for temp employees or for one specific branch, etc.)
    • Optionally, add days until expire to add an automatic expiration date to each document set to this type.
    • Optionally, check the 'Expire at end of year' to have the document automatically expire at the end of each year.
    • Active: Uncheck this box to have this custom data field deactivated (no longer seen or able to use).
  5. Select the save icon in the upper left to save your changes.

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